China Hot selling Lbp821 Heavy Duty Straight Double Hinge Accumulate Conveyor Roller Top Chain

Product Description

LBP821 Heavy duty straight double hinge accumulate conveyor roller top chain

LBP Low Back Pressure Chain provides a table top chain conveyor with low back pressure accumulation.

Width: 190.5mm, 254mm, 304.8mm

Length: 1 meter per piece or custom

Material: POM chain+stainless steel 304 pins;

Pitch: 38.1mm

Color: White, or blue
type: straight running double hinged type or sideflex tab type

Designed specifically for today’s demanding tray-less conveying and accumulating applications, the Low Backline Pressure (LBP) MatTop Chain is the latest addition to our comprehensive line of high strength, transfer-efficient, conveying chain. The chain is ideal for smaller case, material and package handling applications in the beverage & liquid, food, and warehouse & distribution industries.

Model code






190 ball face double hinged straight chain





254 ball face double hinged straight chain





304 ball face double hinged straight chain





190 ball face double hinged straight chain





254 ball face double hinged straight chain





304 ball face double hinged straight chain




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1. For providing exact quote and solution, what’s needed?

(1) What product will the machine convey?
(2) What’s your production capacity?
(3) How about the frame material, 304 stainless steel or carbon steel?
(4) Do you need fixed speed or adjustable speed?

2. What’s the delivery time?

For standard machine, it takes about 25-35 days for production, and for customized projects need to be negotiated.

3. What about the installation and commission?

We will provide manual and video to show you how to install the machine. If needed, we can also ask our engineer to buyer’s factory to install the machine and train the workers there. But the buyer should pay for the round-ticket, visa charge, food and accommodation.

4. What about after-sales service?

The machine have 1 year warranty and lifelong technical support. We will offer the broken spare parts for free within Warranty period.


Material: Plastic
Structure: Top Chain
Surface Treatment: Standard
Chain Size: Standard
Feature: Fire Resistant, Oil Resistant, Heat Resistant
Pin Material: Stainless Steel 304
US$ 10/Meter
1 Meter(Min.Order)

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heavy duty chain

Can heavy-duty chains be used in mining and construction equipment?

Yes, heavy-duty chains are commonly used in both mining and construction equipment due to their robustness and ability to withstand demanding conditions. In mining operations, heavy-duty chains are employed for various tasks, including:

  • Conveying: Heavy-duty chains are used in conveyor systems to transport bulk materials like coal, ore, and minerals.
  • Dragline Excavators: These large machines use heavy-duty chains for drag and hoist operations in surface mining.
  • Loaders and Shovels: Heavy-duty chains are utilized in loaders and shovels for bucket lifting and material handling.
  • Haul Trucks: Heavy-duty chains are part of the drive system in off-road haul trucks used to transport mined materials.

In the construction industry, heavy-duty chains are essential components in various equipment, such as:

  • Cranes: Heavy-duty chains are used in the lifting mechanism of mobile cranes and tower cranes.
  • Excavators: These machines use heavy-duty chains in their digging and bucket operations.
  • Concrete Pumps: Heavy-duty chains are employed in concrete pumps for concrete placement.
  • Pavers: Heavy-duty chains are part of the drive system in asphalt pavers for road construction.

The durability and strength of heavy-duty chains make them well-suited for the rigorous demands of mining and construction environments. They ensure reliable performance and safety in these critical industrial applications.

heavy duty chain

Can heavy-duty chains be used in aerospace and aviation equipment?

Heavy-duty chains are not typically used in aerospace and aviation equipment. In these industries, components must meet stringent requirements for weight, precision, and reliability, and heavy-duty chains may not be suitable for such applications.

Aerospace and aviation equipment require lightweight materials to minimize overall weight and ensure fuel efficiency. Heavy-duty chains, designed to handle extreme loads, are usually made of robust but heavy materials, which would be impractical in aerospace and aviation.

In aerospace and aviation, specialized lightweight materials like titanium, aluminum, and composites are commonly used to construct components such as gears, shafts, and bearings. Chains, if needed, would be engineered using lightweight, high-strength materials specifically tailored to meet the industry’s strict performance and weight requirements.

The primary applications for heavy-duty chains are in industries such as construction, mining, agriculture, material handling, and power transmission, where their durability and load-bearing capabilities are essential.

In summary, heavy-duty chains are not commonly utilized in aerospace and aviation equipment due to their weight and other design limitations. Aerospace and aviation components are meticulously engineered to meet the unique demands of these industries, and lightweight, precision materials are the norm for ensuring safe and efficient operations.

heavy duty chain

How does a heavy-duty chain differ from a standard chain in terms of design and strength?

A heavy-duty chain differs from a standard chain in several aspects of design and strength. Here are the key differences:

1. Design: The design of a heavy-duty chain is specifically engineered to handle heavy loads and harsh conditions. It typically has larger and thicker components, including plates, pins, and rollers, compared to a standard chain.

2. Material: Heavy-duty chains are usually made from high-quality materials such as alloy steel, stainless steel, or carbon steel with higher tensile strength and better resistance to wear and fatigue. In contrast, standard chains may use more basic materials with lower strength.

3. Strength: Heavy-duty chains are designed to withstand significantly higher loads and forces than standard chains. They are built to handle heavy impact loads and extreme conditions without failure.

4. Durability: Due to their robust construction and high-quality materials, heavy-duty chains offer superior durability and longevity compared to standard chains. They can endure repeated use and demanding applications without premature wear or stretching.

5. Application: Heavy-duty chains are commonly used in industries and applications that involve heavy machinery, large equipment, and extreme operating conditions. They are ideal for applications where standard chains may not be sufficient to handle the load or endure the environment.

6. Safety Margin: Heavy-duty chains often have a higher safety margin, which means they are designed to operate well below their maximum load capacity. This safety margin ensures added safety and prevents chain failure even during unexpected overloads.

7. Price: Given their more robust construction and higher-quality materials, heavy-duty chains are typically more expensive than standard chains.

In summary, heavy-duty chains are engineered for heavy-duty applications, offering greater strength, durability, and safety compared to standard chains. They are the preferred choice for industries that require reliable and high-performance chain systems to handle challenging and high-load situations.

China Hot selling Lbp821 Heavy Duty Straight Double Hinge Accumulate Conveyor Roller Top Chain  China Hot selling Lbp821 Heavy Duty Straight Double Hinge Accumulate Conveyor Roller Top Chain
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